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Order Book Rewards Info

Rewards are distributed to people utilizing the order book system. In order to receive rewards, you can place buy & sell orders (Lender & Borrower) in the participating pairs. Rewards are claimable for 120 days.
The difference between the price of your order and the market price, as well as the amount of your order, determines the number of rewards you get.
To get the most rewards you need to place your larger buy & sell orders closest to the market price. We will be doing snapshots of the order books once an hour and distribute rewards once a week. NOTE: The once an hour snapshot frequency is not a guarantee, if snapshots are taken at a less frequency, then those less frequent snapshots are weighted heavier.
As you move further away from the market price the rewards diminish.
Rewards Distribution Allocation:
  • 2/3 of the total rewards are split between buy-side (Lenders)
  • 1/3 of the total rewards are split between the sell-side (Borrowers)
Rewards Formula:
The multiplier is used to multiply it by the order size and that will then become the weight for your position
CoverRules / 0x notices:
  • Placing and filling orders with Trezor wallets is currently unavailable
  • Orders smaller than $2000 are not eligible to receive rewards, get order matched, or participate in determining the market price
  • Users placing multiple orders that are larger than their token balance will only be rewarded for either their token balance or the total value of an order placed for a given token, whichever is smaller
  • Users placing orders directly through the API and avoiding CoverRules' order matching do not gain any advantage over regular orders and increase the risk of their orders being filled
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