Collaterals on Ruler Protocol

Collateral Types

There are three major types of collateral on Ruler.
  • Core
    • Collaterals that have wide-spread recognition in crypto communities, like wBTC and wETH.
    • Collaterals that are important to the protocol like RULER as the governance token of the protocol.
    • Collaterals that are critical strategic partners, like COVER.
  • Norm
    • Collaterals that have some recognition in some crypto communities, like xSUSHI.
    • Collaterals that are from strategic partners, like INV.
  • Innov
    • Collaterals that are from newer projects without wide recognition and unclear borrowing needs.
  • Degen Pool
    • Collaterals with a higher LTV ratio.
Note: each collateral can change its type through a community proposal at any given time, it will take effect in the next loan cycle.

Collateral Delisting Process

Passed REP5-a.
If a collateral is not borrowed against sufficiently, Ruler will delist the collateral the month after. Collaterals can be listed again in the future when the borrowing needs are justified.
Delist criteria:
  • Total borrow amount is less than $70,000.
  • Borrow/Loan ratio is less than 20%, and rewards reduction is not possible. If rewards reduction is possible, it will be executed before delisting.
Exception criteria:
  • Partner is incentivizing the liquidity pool.
  • Collateral liquidity pool has no RULER rewards.
  • Total loaned is expected to be more than 200k.
Last modified 5mo ago