List a New Collateral
This guide shows you how to get a new collateral listed on Ruler.

Collateral Requirements

For new collateral to be listed on Ruler, the following requirements must be met.
  1. 2.
    It is traded on a DEX with a minimum $500,000 liquidity, or it can easily be unwrapped to its underlying token which is traded on a DEX with a minimum $500,000 liquidity.

List a Collateral

There are two ways to list new collateral on Ruler.
Anyone, does not have to be the team who created the collateral, can sponsor collateral to be listed on Ruler by adding a bonus token, adding market maker liquidity, or both. The above sponsorship will be used to incentivize the lending and borrowing of the new collateral. The Ruler team keeps NONE.
If you are interested, contact the Ruler Team through Discord or Telegram or fill out this form, and someone will reach out to you. -> Listing Form Link <-

Community Proposed Listing

If you don't have the budget to sponsor a listing, you can always convince the Ruler community to agree to list the collateral through snapshot voting. Be sure to read about what types of collaterals there are on Ruler here. Some extra bonus rewards and liquidity (even not to the extent of sponsoring) is always a good way to convince the Ruler community.
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    [Optional] Create a discussion post on our forum to list the collateral you prefer. Gather some community feedback and attention.
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    Contact the Ruler Team (through Discord or Telegram) before you create the snapshot.
  3. 3.
    Create a snapshot proposal on our snapshot space (criteria can be found here), make sure you link it to the above post if there is one. Follow the rules here for the proposal:
    1. 1.
      Title format: " [New Listing] Propose to list "{RULER}" as a collateral "
    2. 2.
      Content must include the following (add more as you wish):
      1. 1.
        Introduction of the collateral. What is it? What's its team? What's its price, etherscan/coingecko links, etc.?
      2. 2.
        Borrowing needs to be justified. Justify there is a need that people want to borrow against it. For example, many large and diversified holders, not enough utilities.
      3. 3.
        Benefits to Ruler community.
      4. 4.
        Voting options must include proposed collateral types and/or proposed RULER rewards/ week.
      5. 5.
        Voting options must include a "Doing Nothing" or "Against" option.
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    Contact the team once the snapshot proposal is posted. Also, inform the team when results are out.
All snapshot proposals must meet our validity quota to be considered valid.
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