RULER Tokenomics
RULER is the valueless governance token that governs the Ruler Protocol

What's RULER for?

RULER is a valueless governance token.
  • It is mainly used to govern the future of the protocol
  • RULER token holders may receive other product benefits in the future including but not limited to
    • Higher minting ratio
    • Delayed payments
  • RULER token holders may benefit from proposals the community passed, for example, fee sharing etc.

RULER Token Distribution

Agreed on by the community per passing of REP11.
250,000 - Liquidity Mining:
  • Will last one year (ends in March 2022). This includes both pool 2 and rewards for lending pools. The current rewards emission system will not be changed.
  • If there are remaining $RULER, it will be sent to the treasury. Any additional liquidity mining emissions can be at the discretion of governance, deducted from treasury.
500,000 - Treasury:
  • Used for all other areas, including but not limited to rewarding contributors, new on-boarded team members, bug bounties, etc.
250,000 - Founding Team and Advisors Salary:
  • No changes. All members follow the same vesting schedule of 2 years with 60% vested Year 1 and 40% vested Year 2. This is to create continued incentives for the operations team to lead the project after launch.
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