Bridge $RULER To BSC

Transfer Ruler Tokens to BSC

By expanding to Binance Smart Chain we will be listed on the multichain.xyz. Anyone can now transfer their RULER or COVER tokens from ETH to BSC and back. There will be no fee associated with transferring the tokens form ETH to BSC although there is a 0.1% swap fee when bridging from BSC to ETH. The time it takes for the transfer currently can vary from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on the bridge throughput.
Let's now go over the example of transferring 0.5 Ruler from ETH to BSC. Same applies for transferring COVER tokens.

Important Preliminary Step:

You must have access to a wallet with the same address both on ETH and BSC.

Step 1: Go to multichain.xyz.

For this step you can either use the link provided or select the “Ruler Eth Mainnet” from the top drop down. Then select the “Ruler Bsc Mainnet” on the second dropdown.

Step 2: Check the limits

Click on the “View Limits” button and make sure that amount you are planning to transfer is supported. You will also be able to see your fee estimates in there as well. Once again going from ETH to BSC does not incur any fees.

Step 3: Click “Transfer”

Once clicked, you will need to confirm the transaction with metamask. Then all you need to do is wait. First a “Deposit Transaction” should succeed. After deposit is verified “Transfer Transaction” will be automatically initiated. Once both transactions are complete you will be able to see your RULER tokens on BSC.
Going from BSC to ETH: Multichain can also be used to transfer RULER or COVER tokens from BSC to ETH in the same way. To do so please follow this link or select “From” and “To” tokens manually, while connected to the BSC network with your metamask. The process is very similar except there is a 0.1% fee associated with transferring tokens back to Ethereum.
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