🔃Buy/Sell rcTokens Manually
Buying and selling rcTokens will take place in the same place.
Buying rcTokens manually is another way of becoming a lender. This is if you do not wish to use the Zap. Manually buying and selling works as a normal Sushiswap trade transaction!

Steps to buy/sell rcTokens manually

Step 1: Click on the "
" tab under the collateral option you want along with the expiration you desire.
Step 2: This will pull up a menu to buy or sell rcTokens.
Step 3: Click the "
Trade" button. It will bring you to an external site to buy or sell rcTokens. Enter the amount of rcTokens you would like to buy or sell. Click "Import" and agree to the statement (this pops up automatically and must be done).
Step 4: You can now buy or sell rcTokens.
Buying rcTokens
Selling rcTokens
Step 5: Click "Swap" on whichever you choose to do (buy or sell). Confirm the transaction.
Step 6 : This will pull up a Metamask transaction. Please confirm the transaction.
Congratulations! You have successfully bought or sold rcTokens. You will be sent an rcTokens for buying and DAI for selling and your LP position will have decreased.
Last modified 8mo ago