💵Collect payment + interest
You can collect loan payments and interest using your rcToken after the expiry. If you are providing liquidity remember to remove your liquidity from the pool in order to receive your rcTokens. Without rcTokens you will not be able to collect the loan payment and interest.
Step 1: When the expiration period occurs, you will have the option to select the "Collect" tab.
Remember that we lent out 100 DAI but received 105 rcTokens in the How to lend with the Zap example. Now you are entitled to your loaned amount of 100 DAI plus the 5 DAI (payment + interest).
Step 2: Enter the full amount of tokens you can collect in this case we will 105 rcTokens and press "Confirm Collect".
Step 3: Confirm the Metamask transaction. This will return your 105 rcTokens and send you 105 DAI.
Congratulations! You have successfully collected your loan payment and interest! You will now have 105 DAI sent to your wallet. You're screen will have a confirmation that the transaction was successful. See the screenshot below.
Last modified 8mo ago
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