Collateral Token For rcToken

If you already have rcToken or Stablecoins and want to farm skip to step 5 on this page.

With this method, your Collateral mints an equal amount of rcToken according to the mint ratio. It will NOT receive Lend APY, use lend to earn Lend APY as well. You will always need to repay your loan back or unwrap your rTokens to receive your collateral back. Otherwise, it will be forfeited.

Minting is paused 24 hours before the due date.

Follow the same steps under Mint DAI and Add but instead, you will check off the below tab to deposit collateral such as wBTC.

By doing this you will receive both rrToken and rcToken.

rrTokens = amount of DAI or rcToken you owe prior to the due date on the UI.

See how to trade rcToken for DAI (a loan) here:

See how to pay back a loan with your rrToken + DAI here:

See how to unwrap rrToken + rcTokens to recieve your collateral back here: