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What does Ruler Protocol provide?
Short-term, fixed rate, market priced loans. They are non-recourse or non-liquidatable loans. You are just required to pay back your loan prior to the due date to receive your collateral back. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/
When do I have to repay?
You have to pay prior to the due date listed on the UI. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/user-guide/how-to-repay
What is rrToken?
rrToken represents the amount of DAI/BUSD you have to repay. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/#1-ruler-capital-token-rctoken
What is rcToken?
rcToken represents the amount of your loan. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/#2-ruler-repayment-token-rrtoken
Is there a fee associated with borrowing?
There is no explicit fee associated with borrowing. The difference between how much you owe (amount of rr tokens you have) and the amount that you sold the rc tokens for is the interest for the loan paid to lenders.
Is there a fee associated with lending?
There is a 0.2% fee that Ruler charges when lenders claim with rc tokens after expiry. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/fees
What is the mint ratio?
The mint ratio tells you the amount rr and rc tokens you will receive per 1 unit of collateral. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/#minimum-collateralization-ratio-and-use-of-oracles
What is minting?
Minting allows you to supply DAI/BUSD to mint rcTokens in 1:1 ratio. You can also mint using your collateral, you will receive rc and rr tokens up to the max mint ratio listed on the UI. Payment is due for this option at the due date (see: what is rrToken) https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/#minimum-collateralization-ratio-and-use-of-oracles
Why do I want to mint?
You can mint rc and rr tokens to provide liquidity with rc tokens or if you would like to take advantage of the current price of rcTokens. If rcTokens are currently trading above 1 DAI/BUSD you can mint 1 rc token for 1 DAI/BUSD and sell for a profit.
Defaults below mint ratio?
Defaulted collateral goes to the rcToken holders when they collect at the due date. rcToken holders may suffer a loss when this occurs. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/user-guide/collect/collect-on-a-default
Defaults above mint ratio?
Defaulted collateral goes to the rcToken holders when they collect at the due date. rcToken holders may receive a bonus when this occurs. https://docs.rulerprotocol.com/user-guide/collect/collect-on-a-default
How do I farm/get the LP token?
You must provide liquidity to the collaterals respective LP pool using a stablecoin or rcToken (in any combo). You then stake the LP token you receive, in the farms page. https://swap.rulerprotocol.com/liquidity and then https://app.rulerprotocol.com/app/farms
Metamask is saying gas is expensive?
Clear cache, hard refresh & restart the browser, check https://www.gasnow.org/ for gas prices.
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