🔁Repay your loan
Example from "Get a fixed
You must repay your loan prior to the expiration or you will forfeit your collateral!

Steps to repay your loan

Step 1: Click on the "Repay" tab under the collateral option you deposited into along with the correct expiration.
Step 1
Step 2: Enter the amount of funds you want to pay back, in this example we will pay it back in full (800 DAI and 800 RR tokens).
Remember only 785 DAI was borrowed! The extra 15 DAI you are paying back out of the 800 is the interest due! Make sure you have the same amount of DAI as you do rrToken(s) when repaying!
Step 2
Step 3: Click the "Confirm Repay" button. You will return back 800 DAI and 800 RR tokens to receive your 1 wETH collateral back.
Step 3
Step 4: Metamask will pop up again, confirm the transaction to repay your 800 DAI and return the 800 RR tokens.
Step 4
Congratulations! You have successfully repaid your 800 DAI loan and received your 1 wETH collateral back! The image below shows my balance reflects 1000 wETH, prior to repaying it was 999.
Last modified 6mo ago
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